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What’s New In The Kitchen

Do you ever “eat the kitchen sink”? Hope for a “unicorn”? Ever celebrate your “diaversary” with some “bolus worthy” eats? Brush up on your diabetes slang with these fellow “beetus” folks as they share some fun “Gvoke-abulary”!

●  I have had diabeties for about 23 years-
●  “I talked to my doctor about whether Gvoke was right for me.” She agreed that it would be a key tool in my toolbox “I picked up my Gvoke prescription right away.”

“I have received compensation and travel as an advisor to Xeris Pharmaceuticals.”

Learn more at: https://www.gvokeglucagon.com/#isi

Enjoy Some of My Favorite Recipes

Garden Stand Bruschetta Robert’s Mediterranean Chicken of Love Shrimp Scampi and TomatoesOven Roasted Salmon with Fruit Salsa Farmers’ Market Roasted Vegetable Soup Annie’s Veggie Boats