BBQ, Ice Cream and Tacos a match made in FOOD HEAVEN What You’v Heard About Austin Texas is all true! AMAZING…

Austin is the capital of the US state of Texas and the seat of Travis County. Located in Central Texas, Austin is the 11th-most populous city in the United States and the fourth-most populous city in Texas.

On a recent trip to Austin to speak at Taking Control of Your Diabeties my son Jason and I travled the city to find the most amazing foods the city can bring. Ok let’s eat!


 BBQ, Ice Cream and Tacos a match made in food heaven


subhead1Amy’s Ice Creams super premium homemade ice cream in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.


Now, the ice cream was INCREDIBLE.  It being a mix and match style parlor you pick a flavor from their ever rotating board and pick your toppings.  They mix them in and you have your sundae. Now this idea isn’t reinventing the wheel, but the flavors and environment have earned a 5 star rating and a return customer when ever I travel back.  This Iowa boy loved it!

You’ve got your classic Mexican vanilla (just a super potent vanilla with a hint of spice) or coffee, then you’ve got your more unique flavors (for example, I’ve seen Swedish fish, chocolate orange chip, popcorn, breakfast cereal, cherry cheesecake), you’ve got your alcoholic flavors ,kahlua, Irish Cream, egg nog, you name it – they’ve probably had it!), and then you’ve got the twists that they put on the ice cream: add a crush’n of oreos, Reese’s peanut butter cups, real cookie dough, gummy bears; turn it into a sundae or a milkshake; order one of the premade icecream combos –
The possibilities are endless.

Also, fun fact: The employees who work there turn in an application in the form of a paper bag. The only criteria: “Do whatever you want with it”, if that tells you anything about how cool this place is. Definitely an Austin staple.

 Watch the “What’s the Best BBQ in Austin Texas” video below

Austin BBQ…WOW


 Brisket Boy’s Bar-B-Q

“There’s a problem with our ribs. They just won’t stay on the bone!” says the Sean the owner. He’s not lying. Come here. Get the ribs.

I know there is a bunch of choices for BBQ & brisket in Austin but do yourself a favor and don’t miss this one!  Now located at the corner of 6th and Waller be sure to stop by and try some of the wonderful smoked goodness these guys are offering! Pork ribs fall off the bone – literally clean off the bone! The brisket is moist and unbelievably tender and flavorful. Get there early the goodness just docent last.

Even more amazing is the brisket chilli. It’s basically a cup of meat part taken from the smoked brisket and cooked in a nice thick well seasoned tomato sauce – it’s outstanding! Everything is reasonably priced and you can’t beat the hospitality. This is hands-down the tastiest ribs and brisket that I have ever devoured!  Such richly spiced meat that melts in your mouth as it falls off the bone doesn’t need the sauce but the sauce is not to be missed.  The Sean the chef/owner/creator is clearly passionate about barbecue!  His enthusiasm is contagious; if you are lucky enough to meet him, you will know what I mean!
I’m so glad we just happened to stop and chat with these guys!


The head BBQ dude Sean!





 Watch the “What’s the Best BBQ in Austin Texas” video below



Torchy’s Tacos:    This food truck is located at 1311 S 1st Street Austin, TX   7:00 am- 11:00 pm


Torchy’s is an Austin taco landmark. What started as a small taco trailer in the mid 2000’s, you can now get beloved Torchy’s Tacos all over the state of Texas. Because of it’s multiple locations and consistently quality, fresh food, Torchy’s is amazing!  The Democrat, with perfectly cooked shredded beef barbacoa, fresh avocado, queso fresco, cilantro, onions and lime, topped with tomatillo salsa all served on a fresh corn tortilla is hands down my favorite! Other taco recommendations, the Baja Shrimp, was really good.

We also had the street corn and that was really good! Fresh roasted off the cob corn topped with ancho aioli, quest fresco, cilantro and dusted with New Mexico red chili powder.  It is a Torchy’s must!


 Watch the “What’s the Best BBQ in Austin Texas” video below