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As both an endocrinologist and a type 1 diabetic, I know more than just a little about the challenges of managing diabetes. While diet, insulin, and medication to lower blood glucose levels are foundational to the treatment and management of this disease, patient education and the discipline of self-care practices determine lifelong success. If we can manage our diabetes well, we can avoid related complications and live full and healthy lives. One of the challenges for most of us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is in daily eating; that is where my good friend Robert Lewis comes in!

When Chef Robert told me that he was going to write a cookbook about dishes made with fresh-from-the-garden ingredients, I knew it was going to be something really special and necessary. Chef Robert and I have worked together on numerous occasions in cities across the country at my Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) conferences for people with diabetes. At each of these events, speakers share medical facts about diabetes, current research, new medications and management technologies, as well as strategies for success. Chef Robert’s presentations at TCOYD’s events offer cooking tips for healthier dishes and ideas to make food look and taste amazing!

Chef Robert, who is known as “The Happy Diabetic”, takes ordinary ingredients and turns them into something extraordinary. He is “happy” because he has discovered that well-managed diabetes includes eating a wide variety of bountiful, beautiful, and flavorful food. What I love about Robert’s style of cooking is that it is simple and delicious! As a type 2 diabetic himself, Chef Robert lives, breathes, and eats in the world of diabetic health. He is passionate about sharing his recipes and cooking tips with anyone who will listen.

Let’s be honest, it isn’t always easy living with diabetes. Robert is a great example of someone who turns lemons into lemonade… Sugar-free lemonade, of course!

Steven V. Edelman, MD, Founder and Director, TCOYD

Try these recipes from my new book!

corn mix




The Happy Diabetic












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